Day 156 Isaiah Protocol

As I mentioned last week I was debating about giving a few of my thoughts on some things politics. I choose not to get into many political arguments not because I don’t have a side or because I’m not a fan of arguments, but rather because I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I say that because most political discussions typically boil down both sides only seeing their side of the picture and nothing becoming of the issue. I could give many examples in today’s congress for a big picture view of this. You might be saying, then how do I view politics?

First I view politics as a framework for which we should live. Some argue for example that if all guns were outlawed that criminals would still have guns and would use them to exploit those around them. Yet going to the other extreme and saying that all guns should be legal and should be allowed to be used in whatever manner by whoever is obviously something that nobody really wants. Therefore, political balance SHOULD be focused on finding this common ground that supports as many people and cases as possible. Thereby, leaving the judicial system to handle the cases on the outside instead of spending time deciding on cases in the middle. For those familiar with a standard bell curve or standard deviations, my political philosophy is based around helping the mean of society or the middle of the curve.

However, it might be stated that my curve is actually a bit disproportionate as I am actually in favor of helping the bottom of the curve. The oppressed as some might say. The reason for this is that in addition to the standard foundation which this country was built on of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I also believe we should take the Isiah Protocol. For those who aren’t necessarily Christians or who say that church should be separate from state I would argue this is just common sense stuff. You could even argue that while evolution supports the idea that the strong survive. TRUE evolution from species exists in community and if the whole community is supported it functions more efficiently than if everyone only takes care of themselves. That is why I base most of my ideas off of what is stated multiple times in the Bible but specifically in the book of Isaiah 1:17 it says: Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the orphan. Fight for the right of widows.

To me these seem like fairly reasonable things. Yet the world is clearly hurting, there are sick, widows, orphans, oppressed, and those seeking justice. So something is wrong. While I’m not saying that we will ever live in an ideal world where nothing bad ever happens, I do think common sense politics would be a big step in the right direction. When people begin to care not about themselves but begin to care about others, that’s when politics are useful. The founders of this nation weren’t trying to get ahead themselves, they were trying to create a framework that allowed all people certain rights to be able to live their lives in a manner they see fit. They aren’t being told what to do, they aren’t being held back, they are simply allowed to live. That’s what I think the goal for politics should be.

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