Day 151 Like A Deer Stuck In Headlights?

Today I was mowing the yard (seems to happen a lot during summer). Anyway as I’m minding my own business all of a sudden a momma deer came trotting into the yard basically in the direction that I was. It saw me (probably smelled or heard me but that’s not the point). Then a baby deer came right up behind it. So there I am in the middle of a yard with a mom who is trying to protect her baby and possibly views me and my noise making machine as a threat. So it slowly starts walking towards me while the baby deer starts to head in a new direction. Once the baby is far enough ahead the momma takes off after. What am I doing this whole time? Just standing there in shock that I saw a deer in my yard at about 5pm on a pretty sunny day. If it’s later at night or early in the morning sure no big deal lots of deer. But right in the middle of the day? Now I get why deer get so surprised when a car just randomly comes out of no where on them. It’s not something you see everyday.

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