Day 149 When The World Watches

It’s always fun to view expectations of different people in context of time. Coming into the World Cup the U.S. wasn’t really expected to get out of their group. A month later people are “surprised” that they can’t beat a team that was expected to win their group, plays a very competitive style, and have been playing well this tournament. It’s for that reason that I think it’s funny that people think that just because a team is hyped that they are the best. So because the U.S. made it out of groups and has been playing well people in some cases assumed they’re the best team ever. Yet in reality, upsets happen all the time so even if you think the U.S. is better they still have to prove it when the world is watching. If they are the underdogs then they took it as a very competitive game with a very young team. Obviously a lot can happen over the next 4 years, but this was supposedly a team designed to be good then. So well played, and good game to all involved.

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