Day 147 It’s The Little Things That Matter

For people that don’t think little things matter try asking someone who has cancer what little things mean. Try asking someone who has been rushed to the hospital in an ambulance about the importance of a few seconds. Try asking someone who has been married for 50 years about whether some of the little things are important to the success of their relationship. Yet people are constantly told to focus on the big picture, and not the little details of the picture. Is the Mona Lisa such an iconic piece because of the subject matter? There are tons of pictures of people. Yet Mona Lisa’s smile is the subject of tons of discussion, the technique used in the piece illustrates exactly what separates a great artist from a good artist. So as you spend your time going through life, do you focus on the big everyday tasks so much that you forget about the little tiny details? Maybe you should think little, to help change the big picture? Just a little thought.

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