Day 143 When Breaks Just Don’t Seem To Work Out

Today I was mowing the lawn. Nothing too exciting. If you’ve ever been to my house you know it’s a pretty decent size. So with a push mower and all the hills it’s a little bit of work. When it’s hot outside, it makes it a bit worse. Yet of course the moment I take a break from the heat, it gets cloudy. Then when I go back to work, it gets sunny. It just seems like one of those things where the “karma” is against a person. Granted the only time people tend to notice things is when they don’t work out. We don’t notice when we go green light to green light to green light when driving. Only when we go red light to red light. Yet even still, it remains that sometimes breaks seem unfair when you have to work so much and it only makes it unnecessarily harder. 

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