Day 138 It’s Always Fun When Things Just Make Sense

A couple of times this year I’ve already used other people’s words to describe what I’m trying to say. The reason for this is that sometimes there are things other people do that just make sense in your own life. For some people an example of this is what college they choose to go to. When touring colleges a lot of them are very similar. In fact if you know your major ahead of time or at least a major you typically sort colleges by whether or not they have your major. Then you look at whether how they teach or what other activities you might do while there line up with your interests. Then so on and so forth things like distance, price, entrance requirements, etc all come into play. In the end you usually go on a college visit or two or 10 whatever it might be. The point is that sometimes when you go on these visits there is just something about it that makes sense when you are on a specific campus that doesn’t make sense at other colleges. Maybe it’s the smell or the feel or the writing on the walls. Maybe it’s the lighting or the color scheme who knows. However, for a lot of people there is usually an aha moment that you can’t quite explain. It just makes sense, it just feels right. Maybe that didn’t happen for you in college, maybe it happened for your job, or a relationship, or a hobby. The point is sometimes things just make sense for some reason. Maybe it’s fate, maybe it’s just the compatibility between yourself and that whatever it is. The point is that in those moments life seems simple, life seems easy, life makes sense. Wouldn’t it be awesome if life just always felt like that? I mean sure then you could argue if life always made sense and life was always easy it wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful in those moments. True, but if life made sense for everyone, what other problems wouldn’t exist. Would there be as much strife and suffering? Who knows? In the end, be on the look out for those moments, you don’t know when you’ll get them, but always go for the ride when you do.

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