Day 137 Sometimes Conformity Is For Your Protection

A lot of people associate conformity with not necessarily good for them. However, there are a lot of things that people conform to without really thinking. It is really apparent though when people don’t conform to certain standards, and it is slightly frustrating when their lack of conformity doesn’t really help them and actually inconveniences others. For example, today I was driving through a construction zone. While there was plenty of time to merge into one lane, some people felt that such signs telling them the lane was closed didn’t apply to them. So what ended up happening is that other people had to stop and let them into a lane that was already going slow because they felt that they could gain a lot of time passing everyone before the merge. In the end, they still had to stop and then be allowed to let merge when, if they would have merged sooner it would have allowed traffic to flow at a better pace. Now this is acceptable if it happens once. However, today there were 3 construction zones with small break between zones. So the first time being acceptable… why do people not learn by the 3rd time? Is it that they think conforming to what others are doing is bad for them? Or are they just completely unaware of everyone else? Either way, it’s a frustrating thing that things like this happen.

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