Day 135 The Desire Is Not To Be Wanted, It Is To Be Needed

I find both amusement and frustration in reading social media such as Twitter or Facebook. Not surprisingly relationships tend to be a commonly reported upon topic. Whether people are in or not in relationships typically being the source of said topic. What I personally find fascinating is when people try to give good will advice to others or have desires for things they don’t actually want. Sounds strange but consider that there are millions of quotes about love from the Roses are Red variety to the Shakespearean quality of prose. Yet one of the common trends appears to be that people desire to be wanted by those they are searching for. To me this doesn’t really fulfill the true purpose of relationships. In the ebb and flow of relationships, it seems to me that people are searching for a whole or need that they can’t fulfill in their own life so they are looking externally. Hence if you feel a need for that person you are become what they truly want. However, just because they want you doesn’t mean they need you. Therefore, in my opinion, relationships should be focused on the need not on the want. You could consider this a lust vs love type of conversation but in my opinion it could be much more basic than that. It kind of goes to the 1 in 1 million sort of prose. What is it that you offer a person that nobody else does? Or more simply what makes you a better boyfriend/girlfriend than just a friend? Maybe that’s the real problem that society seems to have with relationships is that we view them as wants or luxuries instead of survival needs. Which if you don’t think that you’re 1 in 1 Million, then maybe you need that someone to point out to you just what makes you so unique and special? 

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