Day 130 With All The World Watching

Today is the start of the World Cup. Obviously as a biased soccer fan, this is the start of arguably the best or one of the best sporting events in the world. What I find most interesting about the World Cup is that everyone is watching. Not just if your country is in it but because everyone loves soccer they watch the great game. In thinking about things like that, how many other things are there in the world that the whole world readily accepts and pays attention to. Sure everyone in soccer has their own opinions and dreams for what will happen, BUT not everyone always pays attention. Even in the Olympics there tends to be a lot of countries that are only interested in certain aspects of the event not the whole thing. Some countries don’t follow wars necessarily around the world or even politics. I suppose there is the Noble Peace Prize, but not every one even pays attention to that. Therefore, it makes sense that so many people protest or try to grab attention at the World Cup. It’s one of the few times that everyone in the world will be watching. So what would you say or do if the eyes of the world were upon you?

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