Day 128 You Just Don’t Get It

Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and for whatever reason they just don’t get it? I always get frustrated watching politicians or educators or doctors talk in absolute “ideal” situations. They don’t actually experience a lot of the things they have to talk about, so they just don’t get it. When talking about poverty for example, how many politicians have actually lived in poverty? How many of them have ever had to live on food stamps? The reality is they don’t understand the true need or desperation. So that’s where it becomes easy to say, oh those people don’t have jobs so they’re lazy, uneducated, etc. Yet as a society if we don’t truly understand the problem, then we can’t truly fix things. This isn’t to say we should make all politicians poor (though that it a somewhat amusing idea). Rather it is saying, we need to break the problem down on multiple levels to make sure that it’s something feasible as a solution not just ideal. Food stamps are helpful to families, but if people are just buying junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes it isn’t really accomplishing the goal, is it? But if you take food stamps or welfare away from the people who truly need it out of spite for those individuals who are abusing the system is that helping? Do we need a brand new system or can we just change systems in place? If you can’t really answer those questions, then you don’t really get it. Therefore, what right do you have to tell people this is how they should live their life? Understandably it would be impossible for all people to have knowledge of all walks of life on every single issue, and if we overthink everything than nothing gets done. Yet if we don’t think before we act, then we can end up needing to re-cut what could have been done with measuring twice and cutting once. 

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