Day 126 Three Times The Meaning Of Life

Since 42 is the meaning of life and I chose not to write about that on Day 42. I decided today I would write about 3 different meanings to life.

The first meaning of life is LOVE. No matter what you do life is about or should be about love. Whether it’s doing what you love, surrounding yourself with those that you love, or embracing the fact that you are loved. I also tend to embrace the idea that God loves me and therefore, has done a lot of things to show me his love. For example, rainbows and butterflies, both little details that shows someone is out there with a little sense of humor.

The second meaning of life is COMMUNITY. We are social beings. We were created with 2 ears and one mouth so that we could listen to those around us, yet still contribute. If we were meant to live in silence our survival wouldn’t have evolved our hearing or our communication abilities. Therefore, we need to learn to embrace all those around us. The poor, the hungry, the sick, the widows, the orphans are all apart of our community and therefore deserve the help of others who are stronger, richer, more powerful etc. 

The third meaning of life is LEARNING. No matter what you do with your life you have the choice to learn or not. It’s said that all things in history repeat themselves. Therefore, why not learn about the history of those who have made choices similar to your choices that you’re working on. Why not read, watch movies, watch documentaries, talk with other people to learn as much as possible. If you can improve your life a little every day by learning, why would you choose to live a worse life? If you don’t really know how to learn, then you can actually learn about learning. Find what works for you.

Now that you know what I think are the 3 meanings of life, what do you think?

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