Day 125 Well I Guess That Works

I like watching sports. It’s really funny when the announcers are in the midst of saying something like don’t do that, or oh that was a bad idea. Then something good happens. It’s like making a showboat play, highly discouraged if it doesn’t go in, but if it does you’re simply stuck with saying, well I guess that works. It’s funny how quick we are to say negative things or have doubts about things we don’t necessarily see. Why aren’t we always positive and speaking about what COULD happen? Sure there are times to be realistic, but if you’re just a fan or an announcer, why wouldn’t you hope for the best for both sides? Take for example the NBA finals, everyone is quick to blame Lebron for cramping up or the AC for ruining the game. Why not talk about all the positive things? Just sit back and be in awe of the things that work.

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