Day 124 Color Is Underrated

When you see a picture, what stands out to you? Is it the clarity of the the image? Is it the reminder of places you’ve been or wish you could go? Is it the remembrance of good times with friends, or just of people you know? How many times though, do we actually think about the color of pictures? Even something as simple as the color brown has many variations and comes with an assortment of depth and description to it. Yet even we don’t truly appreciate the color then how much do we truly appreciate pictures. That isn’t to say that all pictures have good colors or need good colors to be good pictures. Rather it’s like listening to a piece of classical music. You can take in the basic understanding of the piece and like it, or you can become involved with the piece. You can listen to the emotion being portrayed by the various instruments, you can imagine the picture being painted by the author of the piece. You can appreciate good music at a level without going deep into it. Or you can go deep into the music and appreciate it even more. Similar to food, you can just eat because it tastes good, or you can really truly appreciate good food for a variety of texture, flavors, colors, etc. Pictures don’t require great appreciation, but they are there for you. And if you fail to recognize the color, it’s fine, but I still think color is underrated.

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