Day 121 There Are THREE Kinds of People In the World?

I always enjoy when people simplify the world down to black and white cases. In some cases it makes sense. The most OBVIOUS logical flaw though is the 3rd group or 3rd choice that most people miss. A common saying is there 2 types of people in the world, people that like/dislike X and people who don’t. What this misses are the people who don’t care or who don’t know enough to really be involved in the conversation. At this point you might be asking what on earth I’m talking about. So here is an example…

There are people who like pictures. Being in them, taking them, it doesn’t matter as long as there are pictures. There are also people that don’t like pictures. They feel they look dumb, or they can never take good ones, or they always mess up with the flash, etc. Having a spectrum (we like the use of a good spectrum after all) would account for people’s like or dislike of pictures. Yet there are actually people that have never put any thought or really care into what they think about pictures. If they’re in a picture, eh it happens. If they have to take a picture, sure it’s a bother but they’ll do it. The point is when we only put things as poles we sometimes forget to label these people in the middle. We forget to label the majority of people in some cases. It’s somewhat similar to politics or police officers or military personal, you hear about the extreme cases, but you never hear about the mass majority. Which group do you think you actually fall into in most situations? Are you the like, the dislike, or the haven’t really thought about it?

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