Day 117 What A Hairy Situation We’ve Gotten Ourselves Into

I’ve noticed a trend in my life. Some might call it laziness, some might call it life. Either way, when I don’t necessarily have a lot of things that I need to do such as classes or meetings or work, I have a tendency to not shave. Now facial hair isn’t a bad thing. Yet it’s interesting that when I feel should be doing something I like to be clean shaven. Which in a way says that when I’m not clean shaven that I don’t have anything important to do. In that regard shouldn’t I always want to have a clean shave going? Then it means my life is doing important things? It also means that I’m not just treating people I see as not important as things like class. Because after all shouldn’t the people we surround ourselves with be some of the most important things in our life? 

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