Day 116 When Monarchs Fall

I’ve always had a fondness for the stories of knights and kings or Samurai  basically most war stories that don’t involve gun powder. There’s just something appealing to me about the idea of swords and bows. However, one of the most interesting things to me is the subtlety of war movements and also politics of those stories. The charges, the flanks, the betrayals, sure you find those in all kinds of stories. However, there is just something so interesting about the undercurrents of culture. Where one person who typically is the right hand man/women feels they aren’t being respected enough betrays the king. Typically fitting is that they end up dying their own horrible betrayal or a righteous vindication from the heir, but the point remains. These people see the situation and see an opportunity for themselves and choose to take action not for what is right (although some believe it to be) but for what helps them. It’s interesting to think about because in a vague sense we aren’t that far removed from such personal politics, but when asked we would never kill our friend/family member/boss etc. Yet in the actual moment if presented with certain opportunities what would our price for ultimate betrayal actually be? It’s a hauntingly simple scenario and one with horrific consequences, but still an honest truth for us to consider. If every person has their price, then when will the monarch fall? 

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