Day 115 Where is that noise coming from?

This morning I awoke to a buzzing sound. Not like the buzz of an alarm or a timer going off, but the buzz of bees… lots of bees. I looked around my room hoping they weren’t in there. I listened all around the inside of my house trying to make sure they weren’t inside. I eventually went outside to see if I could find said buzz. I looked and I looked and a buzz I did not find. At this point I was beginning to think it was all in my head. Then a tree branch fell on the ground from a tree not too far away… and the buzzing got a whole lot louder. Let’s just say there were enough bees that I didn’t need to go very close to the tree to understand that it was their territory. But in case anyone was wondering where all the bees have gone… apparently they’re in the tree in the woods outside my house. Hopefully they’ll let me mow the lawn in peace, otherwise sorry mom and dad I tried. 

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