Day 109 Survivor

For those who don’t love reality competitions and/or think they are fake, you should probably stop reading right here…

For everyone else I’m a HUGE fan of reality television and competitions. One of my favorites is Survivor on CBS. Every year players have a hard enough time dealing with the weather and not having a good diet that it makes it worthwhile television. Then when you add in the pressure of competition especially given that a large portion of the game is social, it makes for really good television. Last night finished up another season of the show somewhere in the 20’s now. Yet there are still some things that some people are surprised by. 

If you are a fan of the show then you know that pretty much every single player will lie, backstab, cheat, steal, whatever to win 1 million dollars. Yet every season people are outraged when it happens. Either the game is separate from reality or it’s a reflection of reality. Either way, it happens every season why are people unaware that this will occur.

Going into the game as a player you have 20+ seasons of things to learn from. Why do people still make rookie mistakes? The two most basic rules that I think apply to life: If you’re going to do something that is going to make someone mad, at least do a good job of it and don’t make it awkward or be mad when it backfires. Second if you are with someone who breaks their trust with other people and you see it, they’re going to break their trust with you to when you’re not around, don’t be surprised.

The final point to make about reality television, it’s a lot easier to watch and say what should happen when you have access to more details than the people in the situation. 


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