Day 108 The Things We’re Okay With

Today I was out running some errands. One of them included dropping off a real sword at an event center here in town for the community theater group. I personally thought it was a strange occurrence, but when I went in to drop it off at the desk of the event center the lady there just didn’t seem that surprised. Which sort of begs the question, what else has she experienced in that job that receiving a real sword is just another part of the job? Which of course got me to think about some of the other things that come with the territory and we allow them. Which we’re not going to get into the political big brother or bill of rights and things like that. Rather I think it’s interesting that as a society we’ve decided there is a trade-off between fast and good. Take fast food for example, most people don’t think “best food I’ve ever had in my life”. On the other hand the best food you probably ever ate took a bit of time to make. It’s strange that as a society we think of things then as either/or statements instead of both/and statements. 

In a way part of  it comes down to the fact that most people only give themselves 2 choices. So they feel that they have to pick between two flawed choices. As opposed to allowing yourself 3rd or 4th or more choices. If you add to the food trade off for example and you put the word healthy into it, fresh, you start to change the conversation entirely. Changing the conversation isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it gets us out of a random status quo. Maybe it’s just me, but I like the idea of every day being a choice and being a challenge and an adventure. I don’t want to have a life where I’m just okay with whatever happens. But maybe that’s just me?

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