Day 106 Movies According to Me

I like movies. However, there is one thing that I never understand about movies. Why the timing of certain things is off to create “drama” or “action”. Think of all the times when people shoot at each other. Magically bad guys are always just a split second off and never manage to hit the good guys. Or on the other hand people always look away right when they just happen to get shot or caught. Like in Lord of the Rings when Gandolf turns his back on Balrog. If he looks instead of being surprised by the whip, everything changes. I get the whole point is the drama and suspense of the plot, but why script it in such a way as to make it ridiculous.

While I probably will never be in the movie business, if it was my choice I’d probably be a bit too realistic for good movies. If my character is being shot at by an entire squad of trained soldiers… they are going to get hit. If they get injured they aren’t going to magically heal. They aren’t going to magically put everything together instantly. Instead my movies would be a struggle. Not because I don’t believe in happy endings, but rather because the “truth” of life can be just as amazing as the unbelievable world of bad logic.

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