Day 104 Pictures Worth 1000 Words

The saying that a picture is worth 1000 words is an interesting one. It’s even more interesting when considering television which features both pictures and words. Today for example, I was watching a soccer game which included a few still photos of fans reactions to plays on the field. It’s funny because I don’t know if 1000 words actually does justice to the moment, to the emotion, to the pure experience of the situation. Yet at the same time it captures perfectly how the emotion is shown. It takes and captures something that occurs only in that moment. Where there are other photos and there are other words that will be used even today, nothing will capture THAT moment in quite the same way.

If when we die we see our life flash before our lives, it’s interesting that it should be images not words that just describe what the images would be anyway. Today then I’m trying to think of the images of my life that summarize something I can’t put down in words. After all words just help us imagine a situation, so why not show people exactly what you mean?

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