Day 101 Intro to Education

Seeing as how I just finished another school year I thought I would spend day 101 giving an entry level class into what I’ve learned this past year.


1. People are selfish AND selfless. Keep in mind that people will always help themselves or help others is a great way to get what you want. Hopefully that sounds selfish, however, you should also consider that in helping yourself you can help others. If you align yourself in a way that you can help others to get what they want while helping yourself, it’s win-win right? Go into all negotiations with that in mind and it makes things a lot easier. If you can answer “what’s in it for me?” for both sides of the equation it makes things a lot easier.


2. There is work, there is busy work, and there is learning. Most people view homework or class activities as things to pass the time. However, some projects are designed to help you grow or more specifically learn. If you actually apply yourself to these tasks you will see how you will/would actually do in a given field or area. However, when all class assignments are treated as busy work it makes it much harder to understand the benefit of why you should even both other than to get good grades.


3. If you don’t write it down or don’t say it, it didn’t happen. You can have all of the best ideas in the world or you could have serious issues, but if you don’t keep track of them or record them it doesn’t matter. Similarly, if you never tell people what you actually think then they won’t ever know. Whether that’s relationships, advice, issues, or anything. With that being said, I’m going to end on 3 points because I’ve always felt like 3 is a really good number for people to understand. What have you learned in the past year?

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