Day 96 The Value of Stuff

**Editor’s Note: This article was scheduled to publish yesterday, but I apparently set the date for wrong day. So for those hoping to keep up with me, sometimes technology doesn’t always correct for human error. So I apologize, but will have a 2nd post later today so we’re all caught up.**


Today while packing up all of the things in my apartment, I started to think about the value of things. Some of the things we take for granted would be great luxuries to others. There are other things that when given to us by friends make them priceless even compared to their actual price to acquire. It is interesting to me though how much we don’t think about the value that surrounds us. The only time we seem to think about things is when we use them, are reminded of them, have to move them, or lose them. I suppose for some people that could be a lot. However, it also means that there are times we take for granted what we have by not using them for awhile and just storing them away. What has value is somewhat subjective.

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