Day 95 New Opportunities Are Just That Opportunities

Today is the NFL Draft, for those who don’t know I love player development. So the idea of the draft and then looking at how they develop and adapt in specific situations makes the major sports draft days some of my favorite parts of the year. One of the important things to realize though is that the draft is just an opportunity. It’s kind of like a job interview. Just because you get the job doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. The same thing applies to everything else in life, if you have the opportunity to meet people who would be great influences for your life and you screw it up that’s on you. 

Opportunities are what you make of them, however, for some opportunities are a chance to make things better. Sometimes you have a bad reputation or just need a fresh start to clear your mind and get back to doing what you love. Sometimes new starts though are a bigger headache than all of your previous ones. That’s the real key to the draft process. When people are put into a position to succeed by matching talent and drive with opportunity.

So the next time you have a new opportunity, try to remember how special and life changing it might be, but also remember that the work is probably just getting started.

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