Day 92 Reflective

As I come into finals week for quite possibly the last time, it’s always interesting to look back on the school year that was. It’s easy to remember the good times, and forget the bad times, but that isn’t what true reflection really is. So while some of these lessons might be coming up over the next couple of weeks, the one thing I will say above everything else that I’ve learned, is it’s easy to point out problems, it’s much harder to be part of the solution. 

For me a big part of this year has been identifying the path to start my career on (anybody want to hire me?), and while it’s easy to shoot down possible paths, it’s much harder to find solutions to the path. While I think currently I have a solid trajectory for where I am going, only time will tell. So while some of the posts might be a bit shorter this week due to my reflecting on papers instead of on this blog, I know that it is just another thing that is helping me to finalize the problem of not having enough education. So please stay with me.

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