Day 89 Choose Your Own Adventure

Growing up I always enjoyed the Choose Your Own Adventure books. At the end of every page you get the choice of what happens next. It is so simple. Yet every day we are given tons of choices and most people don’t treat their life like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. When you wake up you have the choice of being positive or negative. You have the choice of doing something or doing nothing. You have the choice to get better or stay the same. You have choices, people just don’t always make choices. Today think about how you make choices. If you’re me then sometimes choices aren’t always the easiest. Sometimes you get pulled in 2 directions at once. However, there is still a choice that needs to be made. Some choices you can always go back and revisit. At the end of the day you can look back and decide how good your Adventure of Life really was. So today, decide for yourself, are you going to Live or are you just alive?

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