Day 84 Are You Ready Or Are You Sleeping?

If you were given the opportunity of a lifetime would you take it? Most people would say yes. Yet how many people are actually opening themselves up and preparing for opportunity? If you fail to prepare or fail to know what the opportunity you are looking for looks like, than how will you know if you it is a good opportunity?

As I take time to relax one of the things that really sticks out to me. While there are thousands of opportunities for me, I can’t necessarily say what I’d like to see my life look like. That kind of scares me. It makes it so that I might not be ready when a great opportunity comes calling. Or I might be so ingrained in trying to make something work that I don’t allow myself to be open to a better opportunity.

So right now it’s looking at figuring out what I even want to be doing so I don’t get caught sleeping when the moment comes. 

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