Day 82 Proprioceptive

There is an idea found in the idea of muscles and joints known as proprioception. This is the idea of understanding or sensing yourself within a given space. While this idea applies typically to the understanding of balance and movement it seems easily transferable to the idea of personality. If we are able to understand the relative space with which we occupy on given demands then we should be able to find our balance points for our personality. Then when you are not in proper balance it should show with your emotional balance. Thus becoming more aware of our own personal balance would be very important.

This idea of homeostasis in terms of emotional balance has been thought of by most people in a static sense. However, with this concept of proprioception relating to balance within movement, I feel this would be a slightly greater understanding of how our personality and emotions transfer over time and through various situations. Accounting for movement would be a very interesting thing for tracking who we are. 

For myself personally, I find that I answer most things in a “it depends” because my balance point isn’t constant. Yet with the idea of becoming more proprioceptive I could start to understand a bit better this balance point. This idea then becomes how well do we actually understand our own relative position in the world? What space do we actually occupy? What are we standing for? If you don’t know, maybe that’s why your life might not be in balance? Could the key to finding balance be to find yourself?

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