Day 81 Math Essentials: Making Life Simple (or not)

Math skills might be one of the most important things that people can learn. It could be argued that higher levels of math are just the basics applied in more complex arrangements so as to save on time by increase difficulty. For example 123 + 456 is really the same thing as 1 + 1 + 1 … it’s just you save a lot of time by using the bigger numbers. In the same way people can take big numbers and break them down into smaller numbers. A common example in television is the idea of helping to feed a child overseas for $1 a day. In reality they are asking for $30 a month… but by saying $1 a day it becomes more manageable. Even more convincing is when they say, that’s giving up 1 cup of coffee or only going with a small instead of a medium. The point being sometimes it is important to make life as simple as possible, and sometimes we are helped by using a bit more advanced.

The same is true for our identities. When I use a generality to say that I am a certain way it instantly allows you to associate me with everyone else who identifies themselves that way. The more advanced I make my descriptions the more accurate it is to me alone but is less helpful in identifying total populations from a smaller sample size. So the next time you think about math, remember that sometimes life is only as complicated as 1 + 1, however, sometimes learning calculus can really tell you about a person and save you the time of doing lots of simple math. Knowledge is what you do with it, do you only learn the basics or take the time to save time in the long run?

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