Day 80 There’s Nothing Boring About Doing Nothing

I find it interesting that people spend money learning how to meditate or other “not doing anything” moments of clarity. Granted there are a lot of interesting economic choices that people make for “convenience” that aren’t convenient at all. However, what is so fascinating about doing nothing, is that for a lot of people it ends up as doing something different. When your life is so hectic you have to pay someone to help you take a break and just sit there and do nothing, it says a lot about what culture finds normal.

Sure I like having things to do, but if I spend all of my time doing everything it makes it hard to enjoy the things I do. It’s said enjoying life is about taking the time to stop and smell the roses. Maybe you can’t truly appreciate that. So maybe it is stopping to take them time to have a meeting with an old friend, or maybe it is taking in a beautiful sunset, maybe it’s just going for a walk. There is always something relaxing that you probably don’t think you have time for.

I personally like to invert my schedule. Not that I don’t like doing anything, but if I have as few of things as possible then that usually means they are important and it frees up time and cognitive energy to give them their proper respect. So while some might say I’m lazy or boring because I don’t pack every minute of my day with lots of “boring” things, I would just say, there’s nothing boring about doing nothing. 

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