Day 79 Too Smart for My Own Good?

There is an unwritten rule (that is sometimes actually written) that once you learn something you can’t unlearn it. Take magic tricks for example, as a kid if you don’t know how the trick works than it’s amazing. Once you learn how it works though, it starts to remove some of the magic or the illusion. With relationships if you find a flaw about people then you can’t unlearn that flaw. This is one of the driving forces behind a lot of relationships. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

One of the problems I find myself getting into is that I love knowing things. Whether it’s about people or about random facts, I like possessing knowledge. However, sometimes that knowledge directly impacts other things. If I read something about how people’s body language manipulates power structures (such as what a handshake says about you), then in a situation where I am meeting a person I start reading into the situation. Which maybe that person is just naturally doing something and doesn’t have any ulterior motives. However, because I know things it makes me manipulate situations in ways that I wouldn’t necessarily if I was ignorant to those ideas.

Another common example is the idea of personality tests, once you have taken one or two you start to understand what they are searching for. Therefore, you can determine if you want to be what the test would say is a good person or you can actually answer truthfully. In the end there is probably some combination of the two that comes out, is that actually who you are? Some combination between your actual self and your ideal self? Possibly. What I do know is that sometimes it’d be nice to just be able to do things without thinking. But then I wouldn’t really be me. Such is life, a blessing and a curse.

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