Day 78 Rainy Day

I like rain. I don’t like wind. I don’t like hail. I don’t like thunder and lightning. I like rain. I don’t like when it can’t decide if it is raining or isn’t raining. I don’t like when it is freezing rain. If it turns into snow that is a different conversation as to whether or not I’m happy (Dec-Feb sure… April snow, not a big fan). I like rain.

There is just something mesmerizing about rain. Maybe it is the dull and steady rhythm of rain hitting the ground. Maybe it is the vivid recollection of the rain song from Bambi. Maybe it is the idea of the world being washed that is peaceful and encouraging. Maybe it’s the enjoyment of trying to catch rain drops on your tongue. Or maybe it’s the fun of dancing and singing in the rain. Whatever it is I like rain.

Some people only find enjoyment in the sun coming out after the rain, but without the rain would you really appreciate the sun so much? The same is true of all things that change. If you didn’t experience bad times or bad moods you wouldn’t appreciate the good things as much. So while a rain cloud might ruin your walk to work, it also helps you appreciate the beautiful weather that comes around it. 

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