Day 76 Five Million Dollars

The median household income in the United States is about $50,000. If you were paid $50,000 every year from when you were born until you were 100 you would be worth five million dollars. Obviously, with taxes and expenses and an unbalanced economic value, inflation, and other fun terms, most people will never see 5 million dollars in their life. The point I want to make though is that if we were to use this valuation for our own self worth would it improve what we see?

If you think you are above average would you not sell yourself as a 7 million dollar person? Or even if you felt you were well below average, would you not still probably consider yourself worth 1 million? Yet how many people even get remotely close to valuing themselves as millionaires? Sure money doesn’t buy happiness, and the government gets mad when you try to make money. That still shouldn’t have anything to do with how you value yourself. 

In the end I suppose the best way of expressing this idea is, IF you were buying yourself, what would you pay for yourself? Being a smart consumer, you’re going to look at both the pros and cons of the argument for why you are going to buy you and give yourself a valuation. Figure out this cost and give yourself a price. Now how can you turn some of those pros into cons, and how you start working on improving your worth?

If you wouldn’t buy you, why would others?

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