Day 75 Vaporized Clarity

One of the things I like most in the morning is a nice fog outside. There is just something peaceful and mysterious about all the things the fog hides. On top of that, as the sun comes out and the fog vaporizes, the world becomes clear. All those little things that were hidden suddenly start to pop out a bit more than usual. Everything seems brighter and cleaner but definitely clearer. Sometimes I feel that I live life in a sort of fog. There are just days where my field of view seems to be limited. Where maybe it’s the little things that you don’t notice. New flowers starting to grow or maybe it’s something a little darker. Maybe you don’t see the homeless man or woman or maybe you start to turn off the news to what is going on around the world. Whatever it is I feel as though there are times when we are in need of clarity.

One of the nice things about that though, is just as the sun comes to give us clarity from the fog, so to are there many things that can help bring us into better clarity. Whether it’s reading books, paying attention to the news, having conversations, I feel as though just teaching myself can start to help me focus and find the clarity. The reason the sun helps the fog to disappear is because the little tiny water droplets vaporize. By becoming aware of the things that fog up our vision and the world around us, we can start to vaporize the fog. 

Is the world around you clear or do you have some vaporizing to do?

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