Day 73 Resourceful

There are many things that we see in life where we call someone resourceful. Usually we reserve this distinction for people who are crafty or who survive in various unexpected situations. However, in doing so we sometimes forget the common daily uses of resources. For example, every time we meet new individuals we can use our history and senses to learn about that person. Whether it is understanding potentially some common history due to what they are wearing or usually more accurately by what they are saying. When you pick up on these little cues you are learning and using resources that you have available to you.

Another common use of resources is the use of those people around you. The sign of a good manager is someone who is able to get the most out of the strengths of those around them. The same applies to you. If you are surrounded by smart or strong people then getting them to use that strength and intelligence in ways that can help you or others is very beneficial use of resources. While it might be somewhat demeaning to be reduced to a material cost, every person brings value of some kind. If we call it the “human value” then those who are able to get more value out of those around them are best able to maximize human value. This resourcefulness is a huge advantage to those individuals able to judge accurately the resources around them.

Possibly the greatest resource you can learn is to maximize yourself. To put this into practice, how would you use your strengths and weaknesses if you were someone else? Then ask, how are you using your strengths and weaknesses? Finally, what steps can you take to get to your ideal human value?

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