Day 72 Clothed

There is a very interesting thing that happens when you put on clothes… you become no longer naked. Well no duh. However, really consider that for a minute. Who we are as individuals is displayed for better or worse in the nature of nakedness. Therefore, when we put on clothes for whatever reason we are covering up to an extent a form of who we are. Yet when we put on clothes we still allow ourselves forms of expression but also at times survival.

Clothes can be used to show off our personality in a way that skin cannot. Clothes can also be used to help cover our skin from exposure to elements such as snow or wind. Yet while these things can be true, the protection can also protect us from being exposed. By being safe within clothes we are not forced to be afraid of simple things in life such as a the scratch of a bush on our skin, or the surface of the world beneath our feet. Therefore, there are things that the world can protect us from but can also stop us from being warned about the dangers of.

I write this not as a call for nakedness or a condemnation of clothes, but rather as an awakening to the world around us. It’s like any form of bias or any other fallacies we have in our logic, if you are unaware of the issue you cannot decide if it’s truly good or bad. While there are those in society that condemn nakedness and those that say they are free because of being naked, I would simply state that it all comes down to exposure.

Which is more important to you, safety and security or expression and freedom? The balance you choose to show is showed like so many others in the clothes you wear.

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