Day 70 Longing For Something More

One of the aspects of Palm Sunday that has always intrigued me is the story of Jesus entering on a donkey. At this point his notoriety has spread and everyone knows he is coming. They are expecting this triumphant return of a king, yet he enters on a donkey. This leaves people shocked and confused and longing for something more. While in a way this could be seen as a bad thing, such as who are we to demand such acts of Jesus? There is a flip side to this idea of longing for more. Throughout life and even throughout the gospel there are story after story of just needing to ask or having true faith for things to happen. If the crowd wanted a triumphant King how were they approaching it? Were they actually going out of their way to follow Jesus? Or is it one of those passive aggressive moves where they are saying, “Oh yeah it’d be really nice if this guy did something and that helped me out too”?

This to me is one of the most important points that we sometimes confuse with this story of Palm Sunday. It isn’t that there wasn’t a leader or even that Jesus wasn’t representing himself, rather it’s a matter of how we perceive things. If you are always longing for things to get better in your life, if you are always wanting to become healthier, or whatever it is, if you don’t actually believe in those results when they do happen you will always be disappointed. If people who wanted more truly looked and truly became invested in this idea of a ruler of their lives, would they be able to find it? It’s easy to point out that things leave you wanting or that they aren’t perfect. Yet if you are truly committed sometimes you’ll go even deeper and discover that more is there, you just weren’t thirsty enough yet.

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