Day 68 Food Day 5 Cheese

Cheese is like the ultimate friend, you want to include it in everything that you do. Whether it’s with fruit or pasta or sandwiches, cheese is the ultimate wing-man. You can have fun just eating cheese on it’s own, it is adaptable and has lots of personalities of its own. You can enjoy cheese in multiple forms whether shredded, melted, or as a block. Cheese is just fun.

In addition to cheese representing what I hope to be as a friend, I feel cheese also brings with it an appreciated complexity. While it’s easy to say that cheese is cheese, there is also a finer diner experience of cheese. It is how it is paired with other foods that makes it so amazing at times. I strive to find this same personality blend myself. Where I might overpower some situations I need to find the right blend or variety of my personality to fit that specific setting. It takes a deeper appreciation to figure out this pairing.

How complex is your inner cheese?

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