Day 67 Food Day 4 Apple

Maybe it is one of those inherited traits that goes back to the Garden of Eden, but I feel like apples are just some primal calling. While other fruits have their pros and cons, there is just something satisfying about taking a bite out of an apple. That crispness and freshness with each bite is something that is hard to find in other sources of food. On top of that the lovely levels of natural sugars make it delicious when baked or grilled and put into desserts like pies or cobblers. There is also a variety of apple just to meet your needs from sour to sweet. There are assortments of colors for those people who eat with their eyes. There are even some fun sounding varieties just for those who care about name brands.

I think apples really describe the freshness that I hope to bring to life. Every apple is a little different, and I view every day as a little bit different. Whether you view me as someone just the way I am, or as part of a larger whole there are different shades and parts of my personality. You can also look at the texture which I bring. Am I firm to my core beliefs or do I let my natural sweetness shine through?

If you had to be a brand of apple what would your name be? 

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