Day 65 Food Day 2 Mac & Cheese

If we are what we eat… then I am almost entirely made up of Kraft Mac and Cheese. Mac and Cheese, 2 simple ingredients with so many awesome combinations. Some people like to stick to the standard. That’s fine, but the real strength of Mac and Cheese is experimenting with multiple flavor combinations. The cheese in the package… decent, but if you add a little bit of other flavoring or more cheese variations to the package it kicks it up a notch.

Additionally, you have all kinds of choice as to what kind of noodle to include. Though again there is the traditional what comes in the box. Or there are the make it yourself buy various types of noodles and add cheese. This comes down to personality. Traditional vs personal preference. Again you can also add things other than just noodles and cheese though some might say this bends the definition of what mac and cheese consists of. Still it’s worth trying at least once, you can try veggies (peas, broccoli, and cauliflower), meat (chicken, ham, tuna, hamburger) or other things (doritos, bread crumbs, more cheese). Find your style.

I think mac and cheese is a classic explanation of my personality in that you get something pretty simple at it’s base. Yet you can always build upon that base. It’s all about finding your voice and finding how you feel each day. Is it a day to be more complicated or is it a day to be traditional.

Is your day about simple or complex? 

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