Day 64 Food Day 1 Chicken

This week I thought I might share about one of my favorite things: Food. It’s something we all need and all have different ideas about and something that we all need. 

Most meals particularly when I go out to eat, my go to choice is to have chicken in some variation. I’m not sure what it is about chicken. I suppose it is the versatility of it. You can have it fried, you can have it grilled or barbecued, you can have it diced, or slow roasted. 

Yet how does chicken relate to me at all? I think it shows the spectrum again. There is more depth to chicken then just a yes or no I like it or not. By understanding the complexity and versatility of something you can begin to appreciate it on a deeper level. While some people might point out the common saying “Tastes like chicken,” that’s not necessarily showing a redundancy of taste. Rather it shows that chicken is the standard and common factor that people use to compare things against.

Finally, I think chicken describes an important part of my personality in that if I like something I don’t necessarily need to go out of my way to try something else just to see if I like that. If I go to a restaurant I’ll typically order the same thing over and over because I know it’s good. What’s the point in trying other things to see if they MIGHT be good, when I know something is already good.

If what you are searching for isn’t as good as what you have, how much time do you waste searching?

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