Day 62 Thankful Day 7 Parents

This might be the hardest piece of writing I’ve ever done in my life. Not because it is hard to thank my parents but rather because it doesn’t do justice to exactly how much they’ve given me in life. I could continue writing for the rest of my life and the words would never be enough or express exactly how I feel or how grateful I truly am.


God – I would first like to start by thanking my eternal Father. While there are days that I’m not as good as I should be or need to be, you are still there. While there are days that I am confused and outraged, you are there. When I feel blessed and humbled you are there. When I need guidance or peace, you are there. While I don’t deserve most of what I am or have been given, you are there. When I need an example of the ultimate love story or how we should treat others, you are there. Who I’ve been, who I will be, and who I am all relate to you, for that I thank you.


Mom – I am thankful that you let me be me. While I didn’t always act like the rest of the family, you still let me choose what I wanted to do and supported me. You attended so many of my activities even if I was sitting on the bench. You were always willing to help me out with little projects I would need for school. I’m sorry for the arguments and the frustrations that we’ve gotten into, but I’m thankful that you question and challenge what I do. You’ve always helped with some of the smallest details like learning how to cook, that you never get thanked for. You are an excellent example of someone who gives back, whether it is with your new job or all the work you do at school, you are always aimed at helping others. As a grandmother you are so proud and supportive of your grandchildren and are possibly just as excited to see them as they are to see you. For that I thank you.


Dad – You have been the ultimate teacher for me. Whether it is teaching me how to play sports, helping me with school, or teaching me how to use a computer, you’ve always been there. When I would do various things you would always be there for me and then you would be willing to help me get better. Even now as I’m trying to figure out who I am and what I want to be, you and mom have kept encouraging and supporting me and helping me as along the way. You’ve also given me a great example of what a father, a grandfather, a teacher, a leader, a Christian, and a man should be. I think the ultimate compliment is when people find out your my dad they say “he’s a great man.” For that I want thank you.

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