Day 60 Thankful Day 5 Coaches

Today I would like to say thank you to some of the most influential people in my life. As someone intertwined with sport it is only natural that I had great influences who helped show me the way. Therefore, today I want to thank 3 of my coaches who not only taught me about sport but taught me about life.


Mike Holmes – When you came to town, you brought with you a style of discipline that required hard work, fundamentals, and decision making. It was one of the first times that I was ever truly challenged to get better not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Some of the little things are some of the things that make the most difference. The quote of the day on game day, for example, inspired a kind of learning and understanding that helped us grow academically even while we were preparing physically. You also have always encouraged those of us who played for you to reach for our dreams and to do what we can do. Thank you.


Brandon Ermels – The first time I remember seeing the true passion that you bring to soccer and life, was the first game we ever played where up 10 goals you were truly happy when a bench player scored a goal by using a technique we’d been working on in practice all week. It was one of the first settings where I was allowed to bring emotion to sport. The passion and fiery with which you wanted me to play, while challenging and difficult helped me understand how much more potential I had to reach and how much more of myself to unlock. You’ve always given me opportunities to grow and have always helped me every step of the way. Thank you.


TJ Buchholz – I’m pretty sure you’re still one of the few people that has ever yelled at me for not talking. Yet it is that exact reason that I’m so glad to have had you as a coach. You always encouraged the mental side of sport and you always pushed me to become stronger in every phase. Yet through it all it was the little details like finding my voice and communicating more, that truly have helped me the most in life. Your coaching tree is starting to get fairly big now that your former players are finding their voice and wanting to give back to other athletes after having been inspired to do so by you. While our team was able to go to Nationals for the first time in school history, at the end of the year you were still more proud of who we were as individuals winning at life. Thank you.

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