Day 59 Thankful Day 4 The Little Things

I’m a really big fan of some really big concepts, but sometimes in life it’s the really little things that mean the most.


One of the things I’m really thankful for is iconic word choice. It sounds complicated but really it’s quite simple. If I was to have a fill in the blank section of famous quotes people would be able to fill them in. Like Martin Luther King Jr’s I have a _______ speech. Or following Pearl Harbor we are told that it is a date which will live in ______ . Or the famous “If the glove don’t _____ you must _____.” While there are some people that don’t know these quotes, there are so important that they have become icons for entire generations and moments in history. MLK could have said “I have a plan” or “I have a vision” but he specifically said dream. It’s these little details that make moments more memorable. While I wasn’t alive to see Lou Gehrig retire, or Neil Armstrong on the moon, or many other famous moments, I am able to experience and imagine what some of the moments are because of their immortalized words.

Another thing I’m thankful for is warning labels and instruction manuals. If you ever want a really good attention to detail joke, read some of these. You know that there are very, very specific details of what not to do because someone has done that exact thing (and then probably sued the company or died and their family sued). I can’t decide which is more entertaining the thought of people actually doing some of the uses on the warning label or the meeting of the lawyers where one side is telling a fateful story while the other side is trying to hold it together. Sure warnings are important, but they are only helpful if people actually read them and pay attention to them (I take no responsibility for those who read this post and choose not to follow warning labels or are negligent in their use of various items). 

Finally, I am thankful to the letter P. Without you my name would be incomplete. Without you little kids would be forced to learn a whole new set of words for going to the bathroom. Without you the hierarchical structure of royal families would need to be reconfigured. Without you philosophy, psychology, passion, purpose, and professional conversations would all need a new description and starting point. There would be no philanthropy or pardon, no pride, sports, popcorn, pretzels, possibility, and most troubling no people. Although without you there would be no problems, no prostitution, no pornography, no pedophiles, no pharmaceutical drug companies, no politics, no popularity, no presidents, and no pop culture… Personal preference prefers P’s presence.


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