Day 58 Thankful Day 3 Adult Entertainment

As I’ve grown oldish I’ve found that I have a hard time transitioning into “boring adult life” and then I discovered the beauty of being old… adult entertainment. Sure it’s not always pretty and some of it can be kind of expensive, but in the end it can be highly entertaining or at least make you forget about everything else for awhile.

The first one on the list is probably the biggest time and money pit out there. There are literally millions of options to choose from, and they can basically fill any niche that a person is looking for. They come in all shapes and sizes, some of them talk and some of them are quiet. Some pop out and some are flat. Some are adventurous and some are pure horror. Some are old and some are brand new. At the end of the day though they all do the job. So a Thank You goes out to BOOKS.

The second item on the list is a little more flashy. It also requires a lot more coordination and understanding to get right. You literally have to push all the right buttons to make it work, and sometimes you get in trouble for playing games. Thank you video games.

Finally, this last one is a multi-million dollar industry. It has made tons and tons of stars. It is available on multiple types of media now. It is always subject to various levels of approval. It is also responsible for lots and lots of missed sleep, emotions felt, and homework not done. So thank you to Television. 

I would also like to include a quick extra thank you specifically to How I Met Your Mother. While I don’t always agree with some of the twists and turns that occurred over the course of your series, at the end of the day you showed me a lot of things about life. You especially showed me that life and love don’t always have to be perfect for it be worthwhile. With humor and prose, you showed the value of true friends and made me strive to find that passion in my own life. So sincerely thank you for the memories.

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