Day 56 Thankful Day 1 Siblings

This week I’m participating in a week of gratefulness where every day I’m going to describe 3 things I’m thankful for. Today I thought I would start off by saying thank you to my 3 siblings. While they have all shown my great lessons throughout the year, including the same lessons shown slightly differently, they are all unique and all deserve individual thanks.

Today is actually my brother Jason’s birthday, so while he’s usually the middle child today he can be first. I’m thankful to him because he’s always encouraged me to go into whatever areas I wanted to go into. We’ve had many conversations about finding the right career and working towards things that will make you happy in the long run. In addition he has always been a willing host for me whenever I needed a place to stay and he could help me out. He’s also shown me a great example of what being a father and husband should look like.

My other brother Luke, I am thankful to for being a great leader. As the oldest child you were always the first one to do a number of things. That established a model for the rest of us to follow. In addition to that you’ve become an excellent leader of your own family. Every time I see your kids they’re all growing up so rapidly and yet it is obvious that they are being guided by two wonderful parents. I’m thankful to have this example in my life.

And to my sister Jennifer, I’m thankful for showing me the importance of being yourself and sticking to your values. While it wasn’t always easy being the next in line after a really good student, it forced me to become my own individual. Equally as you went through school you chose to do things your way, whether that was switching majors or just the various things you participated in. Through it all you held to your own standards and principles of what you felt was right, and continue to do so in your life today.

Thank you all for helping me to get to where I am today. You deserve more thanks then one simple post, but it was the least I could do to honor your place in my life.

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