Day 55 Games Day 6 Hearts

While most card games teach you a basic understanding of probability and statistics, Hearts also adds the psychology of other people to the scenario. Sure poker and other card games also teach about different people and the art of bluffing, but Hearts adds more variables to the equation by playing with most of the cards as opposed to only a select few PLUS you have the option of taking none all the way up to taking all the cards. Comparatively poker you are just playing to have the best hand or at least make other people think you have the best hand. Where you can fold in poker or not show on a bluff that someone else folded, you have to play all the way through your bluffs or attempted bluffs in hearts.

The really strange understanding that one has to have with regards to strategy is that there is a balance between trying to take none and trying to take all. If you are always trying to not take cards the game is very much in the other people in the game’s control. If you are playing to take all the cards you risk not being able to control the game as well, but if you accomplish your task you are rewarded more than just by not taking any.

The other big thing that hearts has taught me is that it is important to understand how to read your starting hand and your strategy for passing and receiving cards. If you starting hand is all over the place, you need to learn to focus and choose the path most likely to help you reach your goals. This would be like in high school if you were kind of good at a lot of different things, but not necessarily great at any one thing. While you COULD try to go to college in 4 or 5 different areas, it would be better to select 1 or 2 key things to specialize in. Additionally, it is important to understand how what you do impacts others and how others impact you. If you know that someone is usually an aggressive player or a passive player and you can give them cards that are the opposite of that play style you have a chance to put a lot of pressure on them. You can also start to anticipate the cards that you will receive. This would be like going to colleges or jobs where you get a lot of mentorship or are expected to do everything on your own. Sometimes the plan is helped by others, and sometimes it makes it so that you have to do all the work on your own.

In the end hearts is all about understanding, is what I’m doing helping me to avoid losing the game or helping me to win the game. Which applies directly to life. Are the things you choose to do in life, just things to help you get by or are they things that are helping to move you forward?

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