Day 53 Games Day 4 Clue

Clue is easy… unless you play it with people who take it too seriously. When you start getting into the situation where advanced logic tables are being constructed for the game, it’s gone too far. That being said, Clue is a great game for those who like to think a little bit, like a little suspense, and those who appreciate the intricacies of random luck.

What’s really fun though… is to intentionally try to spend the game throwing everybody else off. Sure the point of the game is to try and solve the murder by figuring out who did it, where they did it, and with what. That’s easy enough though. What’s really hard to do is counterintelligence. Intentionally trying to mislead people by going on the most random inquiries out there and by repeatedly make assumptions about what COULD be.

What clue does offer in terms of a game that teaches logic is that sometimes you learn a lot from being wrong. You also learn a lot from being right. The beauty of information is that it can support certain theories or it can disprove them. Both things are important. The faster you are able to dissect necessary information, the faster you are able to win this game. That skill also carries over to greater lessons and applications in life.

What theories have you tried to disprove recently?

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