Day 51 Games Day 2 Candyland

If you’ve ever played Candyland you know the point of the game is to get to Candy Castle. It’s a very basic game, so you might be asking what is there to learn from such a basic and simplistic game? For me there are two big things you can learn: 1. What you can control and what you can’t control. 2. How to sit back and just enjoy the ride.

Looking at the first part, you quickly learn that Candyland you have very little control over whether you will win or lose. Since the movement is based purely on luck you learn that it’s purely random chance. Obviously most little kids who play the game don’t understand this and think if they win or lose that it’s their fault, not just the randomness of the draw. Which is an interesting concept of why we play games. If we are teaching people to win or lose, why would we do such things where there is very little skill or control. However, if the point of the game is to learn and have fun then it changes entirely the focus and experience of the game.

Which brings us to a very major point of kids games as a whole. They are designed to be fun and enjoyable. Yet so many people become competitive. While Candyland is not a Win-Win or zero-sum type of game, you can still focus on specific things. Like when playing with a little kid you can work on identifying the correct colors or you can play your own little game like naming things that are that color. As adults these games can be so simplistic that adding extra rules can be entertaining too. Some people even add extra rules so that each color requires people to do something extra. Yet if you try to make Candyland competitive it instantly spoils the fun. So it’s all about making things simple, sitting back, and just having fun. After all life is all about taking time to stop and play.

What are you doing just for fun?

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