Day 49 Character Day 7 Paul (Saul)

When looking at characters from the Bible, there are a lot to choose from. Obviously, Jesus would be a very influential one, or you could go with all of the classic stories of Adam, Samson, David, etc. For me though, I tend to find myself relating most to the story of Paul or Saul. Maybe it helps that at the end of the day we have the same first name, or maybe it’s that we’re both imperfect, or that we’re both just trying to get our message out there, but whatever it is I just identify with the story of Paul.

To the unaware, Paul was a non-believer and even a persecutor of the early Christian church. However, one day he experienced a transformation, that made him come to consider what he was really doing with his life. From that point on he was committed entirely to the Christian way of doing things, and in doing so started founding churches, was put in jail, was loved and abused. Through it all though he never lost his faith and in doing so became one of the most influential people in Christianity.

Now some might say that the fact that he is influential and things like that is why you should do things. For me though, my take away from Paul’s story is that life is about Love, faith, and commitment. Regardless of what you do, if you love what you are doing, if you are faithful in your belief that you are doing what you should be doing, and you are committed to caring that out to the very end, then that’s all one can really ask for out of life. Where it would be easy to say, if you do all these things life will be easy, that isn’t what is promised to anyone. Paul was actually treated very badly by a lot of people, yet he continued on. In the end it was his love, faith, and commitment to God and serving the church that helped him survive.

Where do you direct your love, faith, and commitment?

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